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Shandong McGrady automation equipment limited automation equipment limited is a professional engaged in vacuum packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, and food vacuum packaging machine, and household vacuum packaging machine, and small vacuum packaging machine, and tea vacuum packaging machine, and rice vacuum packaging machine, and automatic vacuum packaging machine, and outside pumping type vacuum packaging machine, and double room vacuum packaging machine, and automatically vacuum packaging machine, and Floorstanding vacuum packaging machine food vacuum packaging machine, vacuum machine development and manufacturing of production manufacturers, Is a leading designer and manufacturer of automated packaging machinery. Company since its inception, continued domestic first-class enterprises to provide professional vacuum packing machine, automatic vacuum packaging machine system and perfect solution.

    as the leading manufacturer of vacuum packing machine, Shandong TMAC automatic equipment limited company has a design and on-site service with extensive experience, innovative and efficient professional and technical teams. We independent and creative to development himself of core technology and products series, absorption world of, and peer of and competition opponents of all advantages, relies on has Organization of innovation, formed not alternative of core technology expertise, continued and has steps to development out rich competition advantage of continuous type vacuum packaging machine, and door type vacuum packaging machine, and single double room vacuum packaging machine and for liquid packaging of tilt type vacuum machine, excellent products. Meg for years with innovative design, outstanding product quality and a high level of customer satisfaction and industry-leading.

Shandong TMAC automatic equipment co in product innovation and excellent service is an important means to win the market, the company is equipped with a powerful and professional sales and service team, to provide strong technical support and timely service. Quality information feedback system within the company and standard parts management system, to fast, accurate service for the user.