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Three of strategy of development of China's packaging industry

Implementation of "revitalization of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing industry" strategy.
a, from the perspective of market demand, as the world commodity economy booming, the world packaging market is huge, and only our "WTO" forecasts, 2010 GDP will double by 2000 and reach $ 2 trillion, the corresponding packaging market size to be at least 5000 to 600 billion yuan, to packaging machinery market demand is huge. According to experts ' forecasts, global packaging machinery needs an annual growth rate of 5. 3%, 2005 has reached $ 29 billion, 2010 nearly 40 billion dollars, of which China and India will hold the lion's share. Demand for packaging machinery market, both domestic and international markets is huge.
b, in order to become "manufacturing power", after several generations of people fought, hundreds of millions of people, the strenuous efforts. Value added by industry at present, in 2008 China's manufacturing industry has been among the United States, and Japan, and Germany zhihou, ranking 4th in the world, yet again to "manufacturing power" goal. From the manufacturing country to a manufacturing powerhouse spanning, the key is to increase the manufacturing capacity of core equipment manufacturing capacity. Manufacturing consists of light industry and textile manufacturing, resource processing industries and machinery and electronics manufacturing industry has three major components, which in the equipment manufacturing industry, you can usually share of machinery and electronics manufacturing in the manufacturing industry to gauge whether a manufacturing power, in 2006, for example, United States 41. 9%, Japan was 43. 63%, Germany is 46. 4%, France 39. 63%, United Kingdom is 37. 33%, Korea is 45. 3%. In 2008, statistics, manufacturing machinery and electronics accounted for 34. 16%, textile manufacturing accounted for 30. 58%, resource processing industries accounted for 33. 93%, the manufacturing sector as a whole in the light of the State. Packaging machinery industry occupies a certain proportion in machinery and electronics manufacturing, United States, for example, in addition to power equipment, metallurgical and petrochemical equipment and production equipment and other heavy equipment, packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing industry as a whole 1. 2%. Vigorously developing the packaging machinery industry, increase the proportion of equipment manufacturing in the manufacturing industry, it is our "manufacturing power" goals are required.
c, seen from the development of packaging industry in 20 years, China's packaging industry to achieve a leap-forward development, has been above the average annual rate of 18% 2008 gross reached 337.6 billion yuan, is gradually into the "large". But from the perspective of industry, industry development, including packaging machinery and packaging materials packaging industries of relatively slow development, became China's packaging industry vulnerable in order to change the current situation of dependence on foreign, occupied the commanding heights of their packaging industry, packaging industry to independent development, you must also develop packaging machinery industry.
II: intensive integration of packaging machinery enterprises in implementing the "joint development ' strategy.
China packaging mechanical enterprise more is small and medium enterprise, dispersed, and scale small, and production concentrated degrees low is its obviously of weaknesses, according to statistics, only food packaging mechanical manufacturing enterprise has more than 2000 more than enough stable, output and the sales over billion yuan of only has more than 10 home, years sales over 30 million yuan of enterprise also only has 50 home, its total sales only some billion yuan, production concentrated degrees only 20. 66%. Packaging, packaging machines in the market competition depends on cost, quality and delivery time, three elements, which usually rely on investment, technological transformation can be achieved, is difficult to do without a certain economic scale of enterprise. "All-inclusive" there is no way, only through intensive consolidation and take the "joint development" path, to make our packaging machinery industry development and growth, competitive on the international and domestic markets, which is an important prerequisite for development of packaging machinery industry in China.
III: implementation of the "joint development" strategy, and the combination of enterprises ' internal reform, the "outside" strategy.
packaging machinery enterprises are State-owned enterprises, competition in the market, stated-owned enterprises unable to clear property rights and Government fighters would be difficult to do well and must therefore operate under the modern enterprise system, gradual transition to diversification, built with the scale of joint-stock company. Implementation of the "joint development" strategy, and also speed up "come in" and "going out" combination of pace. To develop high technology and high levels of packaging machinery, should grasp the "WTO entry" opportunities, active introduction, digestion and absorption of new technologies, select some of the base areas or domestic enterprises, and multinational packaging machinery group to establish some joint-stock group, promote the development of domestic packaging machinery industry. While continuing to strengthen exports, exports of different classes of different grades, packaging machinery needed for the local market, expanding the market share to make packaging machinery become an outward-looking foreign exchange products. Implementation of the "joint development" strategy, to focus on the implementation of specialized division of labor within the company or group. Practice at home and abroad show that specialization is the use of specialized technology, continuous improvement of product quality, and constantly improve the technological content of products an important condition. BACK