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Introduced three kinds of packaging materials

1, Nano-packaging materials. Nano-packing is a new packaging materials, mainly in Nano-composite packaging materials and polymer-based composite packaging materials, Nano-antibacterial packaging materials. Polymer-based composite packaging materials, due to graft technology breakthroughs and has obtained a rapid development, some research has begun into the industrialization or because there is great prospect of industrialization and cause for concern.
2, the new plastics and plastic alloys. In China's major development of the PSF, polyphenylene ether, polyether-ester, Dimer acid amine and aromatic esters and other engineering plastics, a good application. Foreign polycarbonate, polyester, poly-phenolic amine, formaldehyde is still dominant. Polycarbonate fastest. Modification research and application of engineering plastics, alloying, compounding technology and processing techniques. Plastic alloy main alloying of IPN, graft and block copolymers etc.
3, metal foil and profile. Due to the technology development of thin metal foil type greatly increase, the main varieties of gold foil, copper foil, aluminum, beryllium foils, tantalum iron zinc foil, silver foil, foil, foil, and NI-CR alloy foil. Development of metal foil there are three: super long and super thick, super thin. Profile has developed very rapidly, all kinds of special (such as a complex honeycomb type) material can be produced, profiles are thin, lightweight and functional direction. In the packaging field already exists in the application, and a good prospect.