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Vertical packaging machine operating principle cannot be ignored

Vertical packaging machine operating principle: supporting device of roll film, via guide rod set, tension device, controlled by photoelectric detection device after testing for the position logo on the packaging material, through molding volume film wrapping and filling of the cylinder tube surface.
used to roll into a cylinder of longitudinal sealing of thin films for longitudinal thermal interface parts, be sealed tubes and tubular films move to horizontal heat sealing carried out constitute packaging tube.
measuring device to measure good articles through the upper filling pipe filling into packaging bag, and horizontal heat sealing and heat seal the Center cut, forming packaging unit, as well as the next cylinder seal at the bottom of the bag.
vertical packaging machine is a roll of flexible packaging materials bags canister, filled with items, sealed three automatic and continuous machine.
fit road filling machine, vertical packaging machine for packaging bulk, sheets, granules, Terrier-like, powder and liquid and semifluid material. BACK