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The solution: vacuum packaging machine problems

vacuum packing machine solve many business expenses, thus extending the products ' shelf life. There will inevitably be some fault in the production process.

first of all, the problem of low vacuum. This may be due to the oil pollution, caused by too little or too thin, we should be cleaning the vacuum pump, replace with new vacuum pump oil; the pumping time is too short may also result in low vacuum, we prolong the pumping time; if a suction filter blockage, clean or replace the exhaust filter.
Second, the vacuum packaging machine noise. Because working in vacuum pump coupling worn or cracked, it will cause a lot of noise, then we only need to replace; exhaust filter clogging or installation location is also not result in noise, we just need to clean or replace the exhaust filter and install the correct one.
third, vacuum pump spray oil, due to sucking valve o type circle off led to vacuum pump spray oil, we just pulled Xia pump mouth Shang of vacuum tube, remove pumping gas mouth, out pressure spring and sucking valve, gently stretch o type circle times, again will its embedded concave slot within, again installation can; spin tablets wear also will caused spray oil, we just replaced spin tablets.