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Vacuum packaging machine repair is completed to ensure correct rear boot

1, vacuum pumps, oil spill: this for two reasons:
first, because of the return valve plug, simply return valve plug clean then;
II, loosening of the oil window, such as oil, then remove the oil window, Wrap Teflon tape or thin plastic film.
2, pumps smoke: because the exhaust filter blocked or contaminated oil fume cleaning can lead to really pump, simply by changing the exhaust filter pump oil fume pollution occurs, replace with new oil; return valve plug will produce smoke too much, just clean the return valve.
3, no heating, no heating for many reasons, including: heat burn, burn relay burned out heating time, heating off, control heating AC contactor does not reset, heating transformer is bad, if they simply replace or reset it.
4, heat does not stop, if this phenomenon may be due to the heating time relay bad or burnt out, simply adjust the time to contact relays and Sockets or replaced; controlling heating contactor reset will not cause heating does not stop, we just need repair or replacement.
vacuum packaging machine operation is simple and practical, but if a failure occurs, it will affect production, to bring a lot of negative, so if there is a fault should be dealt with promptly, guarantee flawless before the completion of maintenance to boot.

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