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ZBJ-1000 vacuum packaging machine

ZBJ-1000 vacuum packaging machine
ZBJ-1000 Max sealing length vacuum machine is 1000mm, is one of the most popular automatic packaging machine model. With smooth movements, high precision, rolling belt with accurate positioning advantage; equipment operators do not have to manually adjust belt position, save time and effort. Hardware configuration
continuous vacuum packaging machine is extremely high. Contactor with Japan Omron, switching equipment adopt France Schneider brand and reliable quality, stable performance. Four-way machine can be tilted, you can meet the requirements of various vacuum packaging.
ZBJ-1000 continuous vacuum packaging machine workmanship, exquisite workmanship, operating system fully sealed, rinse all available used pickles or liquid items of packaging. ZBJ-1000 vacuum packaging machine a seal less than ZBJ-1000S continuous vacuum packaging machine, small placed a line of products, but ZBJ-1000 continuous vacuum packing machine can meet the length of the bag is 380mm, ZBJ-1000S continuous vacuum packaging machine maximum bag size only 220mm. Continuous vacuum packaging machine is the production of the more common food vacuum packing machines.
application: especially for frozen products, aquatic products, pickles, vegetables, tofu, snack food, such as small packages BACK