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After-sales service

for can provides to user perfect of service, from you in purchase packaging machine Hou of worries, Shandong McGrady automation equipment limited developed has perfect of after-sales service system and measures, and has after-sales service department, can fast timely for you solution trouble, company currently has huge of after-sales service team can for you provides guarantees do following points:
a, and installation debugging
in equipment installation debugging success Hou, Your company information will be inputting the file management, tracking, time asked device usage, when your device fails, you can always call our after-sales hotline or written notice to our Service Department, we will contact you within the shortest possible time, information and determine repair time.
II, meticulous service
when the maintenance programme is determined, company engineers will follow up actively manufacturing and design, with the most advanced means of repair excellence to meet your needs. Three, tracking service
/> company plans to implement lifelong follow-up service, experienced, well-trained service team provides you with an eternal and lasting the whole of services.